mar 11


I will be in Austin for SXSW the next 10 days. I have a platinum pass, so I'll be at all three segments: film, interactive, and music. The plan is to blog about all of them -- we'll see how much time there actually is. Update: There's just so many people to see, so much to absorb, so much to drink... I'll never be able to keep this site updated over the next week. Later.


PVRblog has the video of Bruce Willis on The Daily Show talking about how much he loves TiVo. Interesting sidenote: Bruce was acting very strange on this episode -- talking about how he hadn't even changed clothes from the night before, full of innuendo. Then yesterday the NY Post does a gossip blurb about him possibly hooking up with Lindsay Lohan. Connect the dots?

Spike Jonze directs a commercial for Adidas. Music by Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O.

The 100 Greatest TV Theme Songs.

Audio of Daily Show's Stephen Colbert on NPR's Fresh Air.


Looks like Spin is planning a redesign of the website. Here's the current site; here's a new site. (This isn't leaked information -- Spin sent out an email that [accidentally?] has the URL in it.)


Yowza. Tarantino might direct the next Friday the 13th movie.

New Woody Allen comedy: Melinda and Melinda trailer. Looks better than most recent films from the Woodster.

Website for the Wallace & Gromit movie, coming to theaters later this year.

Trailer to Herbie Fully Loaded, starring Lindsay Lohan.


Another Eggers interview, this time in Salon. Topics include the start of 826 Valencia, the animosity directed at the McSweeney's crowd, and the film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are with Spike Jonze. It's really pretty good.

New Yorker on Bukowski.

Convicted killer reviews book about himself on


If you don't have access to daytime cable tv, you might not know that Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine has pretty much taken over MSNBC during the day. Here's a video of him running down news on the blogosphere.

I was going to tell you that MSNBC was ahead of everyone else in their blog reportage -- especially with things like the web-only Hardball Blogcast. But then Wonkette reminded me of the "The Blog Report" on CNN. Funny ha-ha.

NYT Arts does strange back-to-back blogger profiles of Rosi O'Donnell (blog) and Will Wheaton (blog).

MEDIA is a real-time collection of links to news stories about the United States by media organizations outside the United States. When necessary, they are translated into English.

CJR: The Case for Comics Journalism.

Slate takes a crack at the ol' 'who is a journalist?' conundrum.


The nominees for the 2005 Flash Film Festival are out. There's a ton of good stuff in there.


I hope you're noticing that Diablo Cody is doing excellent work at CP. Her analysis of Conan O'Brien this week is spot-on.

Twin Cities Pinball Database.

Made it over to Varsity Theater yet? Peter has a good historical story, which includes info about the genesis of the word Dinkytown.

North Dakota pops up in this Marketwatch interview with the CEO of Sportingbet, an online casino. It speculates that the casino might move to North Dakota if the legislature legalizes (and the public accepts) online gambling.

Even more anti-Star-Tribune blogging: Anti-Strib.

Greg debates our similarities with Canadians. He's so dead.

Dan Rather retires, and what do the kids in the local right-wing blogosphere (who helped oust him) do? Party!

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