mar 24



Rocketboom included the secrets to my blogging technique in a post a couple days ago. (It's toward the end of the segment.) You crazy vloggers! See also: some video of Chuck and I drunkenly quizzing Amanda about her role on The Restaurant at a strange house straight outta the movie Slacker in Austin at SXSW.

Anil pays tribute to I've been telling anyone who would listen that doesn't get the cred it deserves. Everyone fondly remembers Spy and Might and even, but I honestly feel that the attitude expressed in Suck was more influential than all of them.


Having crashed hours after launching, is back online. And another social media site launched today:


Hey, Thurston Moore is in Wired. No, really.

Mashup: MIA's "Galang" vs Super Mario Theme Tune

Wired News story about the Decemberists releasing their newest video via BitTorrent.

This could pass for parody: Beck intereview in Elle. Sample questions: "So do you cry at movies?" and "If tomorrow you became a woman, who would you be?"


Don't ask why I have a Maxim subscription (it was free, honest), but I also stumbled when I saw the Bush twins.


Thoughts of a Dreamer, the LiveJournal of Jeff Weise. And the scary one: Weise posting on the message boards. , Minneapolis Bike Messenger Association.

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