apr 4

texting heaven


Can you imagine getting a text from the Vatican saying the Pope died? TTYL.

The best part about this Google piece in Newsweek is where Google claims they just "forgot" to put ads on Google News. Uh-huh.


I fell for Best Week Ever's joke on Friday. In the recurring segment "Who's having the best week ever?" they name-checked Frantina Dulee. I was Googling her name 30 seconds into the segment, but by the end it was obvious she's, duh, not a real person.

The interesting proposition in this Chicago Tribune piece is that while sports has become increasingly scripted, entertainment has become increasingly competitive.


Cool pop & lock video: Futureshock's "Late At Night".

Bloc Party did a second (and better) video for "Banquet."

The new Moby video is peculiarly Flaming Lipsish.

New Interpol video: "C'mere".

The new Weezer album isn't out until May, but here's a video for "Beverly Hills", filmed at the Playboy mansion.


John Malkovich has started a clothing line. If it weren't $70, I might buy this tee.


TrueDater.com is a date-rating service. That's right, people who frequent date sites are reviewed as though they were Amazon.com books. I feel so violated. [Via a Wired News column.]

In a review of The Hookup Handbook, NYT Styles tries to explain girls who aren't into relationships and aren't into casual sex either. I don't know where the hell these girls live (New York, you say? Never heard of it), but it sure is nice to have an article lying around that provides a definition of hookup.


NYT has a nice profile of New Games Journalism, which includes a link to the manifesto.

John Woo to direct and The Rock to star in the Katamari Demacy film. What the hell with this script look like? Like Super Mario Bros. minus the brothers? Stupid April 1.


Moby released a book about tea and shit last week.

Google's April Fool's drink: Google Gulp.

Not a joke: Kabbalah Energy Drink.


It seems odd that NYT Mag did a long Murakami profile without a news peg, but it's not bad at using otaku as a means to talk about Japan. (Previous profile in Wired.)


KSTP and Star-Tribune fell for an April Fool's gag claiming that a Three's Company remake was coming to St. Paul.

Lookie! A school for strippers, right in our backyard.

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