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annotated times


This is pretty neat: The Annotated New York Times. The site lists NYT stories with real-time reaction from the blogosphere. Curious if NYT Corp will frown on this.

Last time I saw Robin [blog], he wouldn't even whisper to me what the real name of INdTV would be. It officially launched today as Current TV. (C|Net story.) Looks exciting, even though The Post is being all playa-hatah about it.


McSweeney's: Implausible Claims Made By Vanilla Ice In His 1990 No. 1 Hit "Ice Ice Baby." "My style's like a chemical spill."

Tuesday is new-release day, but there's not much. Hot Hot Heat has a new album (Elevator) and so does Fisherspooner (Odyssey).


Google Maps has added Keyhole data, so you can now see satellite pics too.


Stereogum is all over this Pretty In Pink sequel.

New on DVD today: The Corporation and Sideways.

If you like Hal Hartley, you might want to check out the DVD collection of his short films. Includes an obscure short with Adrienne Shelley and Parker Posey as roller-blading, lip-synching cupids. (Trailer.)


FOX is creating a reality tv cable channel.

If you feel like dropping $160, The Complete First Four Seasons of The West Wing came out on DVD today.


Xeni lives in L.A.? Huh.


The Strib likes The Rake this week.

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