apr 6



NY Observer has more about the Huffington Report, with copious comments from Drudge.

And that story launched today's juicy announcement -- a new Denton blog, Sploid.com, a tabloid site in direct competition with Drudge. Editors include the inimitable Ken Layne.

Sure, Sploid made a splash today, but the real action is this new cupcake blog.

Or maybe an NFL Cheerleader Blog is more your style.

Am I the only person in America following this stupid Belle de Jour identity thread? The Evening Standard has its own dude theory.

OJR profiles the aggregators, including CNN's Inside the Blog, Slate's Today's Blogs, and Kinja.


MTV.com beta launched Overdrive, which will download large videos in the background. FAQ.


My mom sent me this one: PhobiaList.com, a list of all phobias.


'70s Design.


The Daily Show is coming to DVD.

Video of Best Week Ever's Frantina Dulee spot that tricked me.


NYT's paid-for aggregation of Woody Allen's Filmography contains some old trailers and reviews.


There's nothing that says "Spring In The Midwest" more than spending the afternoon watching the local punks "debate" the smoking ban.

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