apr 18

scrolling belt buckle


The Scrolling Belt Buckle is friggin brilliant.

A friend of mine worked on the market research for the new prescription bottle that Target is hoping will turn pharmaceuticals into destination shopping.

Another new viral campaign from BK, this time in the form of a game: NeedForFeed.com. No relation to MailOrderChickens.com.


The reverse of the censored album, these versions of NWA's "Straight Outta Compton" and "Fuck the Police" are the bomb.


Put away the rumors about Microsoft owning Flash, cuz Adobe is buying Macromedia.


So best. Jimmy Kimmel is hiring for a "TV Watcher" who will watch the tube all day looking for the best clips for the show. If a blogger doesn't get the job, something's wrong.

Anderson Cooper Fan Blog. [via]

In a little ditty about ending the whodunit on Veronica Mars, this story also says UPN has renewed the show for a second season.


Trailer to the new Gus Van San movie, Last Days, a fictional account of the demise of Kurt Cobain that includes appearances by Kim Gordon and Harmony Korine.

Interview with EW's long-time film critic Owen Gleiberman.


"The Sad Song", "created entirely using 15 second jpg movies from my little Nikon Coolpix 775 still camera, reconstructed in AfterEffects."


The 20-question What Kind of American English Do You Speak? says I'm 75% General American English, 15% Upper Midwestern, 10% Yankee, 0% Dixie, and 0% Midwestern.

Slate on how Trivial Pursuit became the great repository of middlebrow boomer culture.


Varsity reopened.

If you missed it, here's NYT's architecture review of the new Walker from Friday. Best part of the opening party? Most people will tell you open access to Bjork (or Kim Gordon, or Yoko Ono) in the Target tent was cool. I'll tell you that the blinking red LEDs were attrocious.

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