apr 19

now, with comments

Today is either huge day in Fimoculous history, or it's a brief moment of crazed myopia. After avoiding it for 4+ years, I've finally added comments. The little link appears at the bottom of the posts -- and it will probably disappear the second I start getting comment spam. Be kind, young netizens. (Oh, and you probably noticed the Google Ads. I'm making about $.08/day on those, so they also might be short-lived.)


I know some of you are having a hard time seeing Wonder Showzen, which MTV2 buries in the after-hours. So I've uploaded a video of the entire first episode. Download it now before my ISP (or Viacom) calls. Yeah, that was short-lived. Server slowed down to a near dead-stop. I'm sure you can find a Torrent out there.

If you watched Arrested Development on Sunday, you heard them close with the line "Next season on Arrested Development...." What'd that mean? This season is over and next season is still iffy. And in a profile of GetArrested.com, NYT says we'll know next month whether FOX renews the show for next year.

The first season of Dynasty came out on DVD today.


Scary Ann Coulter on the cover of Time. (UPDATE: Drudge's take and giving bon mots at St. Olaf.)


Dinosaur Jr. tour schedule.


Out on DVD today: House of Flying Daggers and Primer.


Andrew Krucoff launched a blog mostly about obits (I think): Young Manhatttanite.


How come it took some NYC guy to inform me about The Walker's New Media Initiatives Blog?


love the site. can't wait till i have something funny/informative to say! been reading for years (it seems), cried during the olympic hiatus, loving the new updates.

posted by eag at 10:30 PM on April 18, 2005

You have a nice style Buy Viagra Online (just kidding) { yay comments! }

posted by Chuck Olsen at 4:54 AM on April 19, 2005

thanks for the showzen. here's drudge's take on coulter... oh and i think i needed a flowchart to understand primer :D cheers!

posted by glory at 5:42 AM on April 19, 2005

oh and thanks for the sad song below too :D i didn't know you could composite in supercinemascope! next up mike figgis directs in QTVR for panavision :D and fwiw, target is locking up the cough syrup... cheers!

posted by glory at 5:57 AM on April 19, 2005

wonder shozen is outrageously funny, in a "bad kid" sort of way. ahh...belly laugh! I now realize that I need tivo.

posted by forager at 7:42 AM on April 19, 2005

over/under on comments is 4/26.

posted by gamblinwad at 9:08 AM on April 19, 2005

Yo. Just wanted to say I'm a fan and look forward to your updates. Keep up the good work.

posted by Pudie at 9:24 AM on April 19, 2005

Comments-Yes, Google Ads-No. Fimoculous is great.

posted by Grif at 9:54 AM on April 19, 2005

Yeah, I stumbled upon that NMI blog yesterday, and I too was wondering why the WAC didn't seem to promote that blog before the opening. Woulda been fun to follow the progress/testing of various A/V stuff! Ah well, NMI has always baffled me for various reasons...

posted by Arah at 10:03 AM on April 19, 2005

Jade Walker has been doing a obit blog long before Krucoff, "Blog of Death". there's a podcast of it as well.

posted by Nichelle at 10:44 AM on April 19, 2005

I didn't expect any of you to provide actual useful information in these comment thingies. Delish. (Chuck, I've enabled these for our super secret project. Sh.)

posted by Rex at 10:49 AM on April 19, 2005

cells are so hot! check out this site about all things cell-ular. really, it's neat-o... (cellsalive dot com)

posted by melina at 12:07 PM on April 19, 2005

As your biggest fan, I feel obligated to comment on this historic thread. I'm l33t like that.

posted by Andy Baio at 2:25 PM on April 19, 2005

Wow - there's a comment dated on April 18th in an entry dated April 19th. Sweet.

posted by tlinks at 2:36 PM on April 19, 2005

Hi - Glad you have comments and enabled and hope they're put to good use! I regards to your $0.08/day google adsense income, that low amount may be in part because many people read your blog on an RSS reader, so cannot see the ads. i.e. I noticed about 150 people on Bloglines alone. To generate some income, I don't think anyone would have a huge problem if you made 'sincere' recommendations for items you could earn affiliate money from... i.e. if you read a fantastic book related to one of your posts, put an Amazon aff. link at the bottom of that post. If you genuinely recommend a product, then most people shouldn't have a problem with you doing that efery once in a while. (imo) Regards and good luck (p.s. and you could make your Google adssense ads have the same border color as the background (blue) and test if it increases your CTR). :) -Steve Gill p.p.s. I'm a fairly new subscriber to your blog, so if you're already putting Amazon aff. links in your entries, then just disregard that suggestion. :)

posted by Steve Gill at 3:06 PM on April 19, 2005

I probably have more Amazon links per post than any blog in the universe. That's an exageration, and so was the Google Adsense income -- in the spirit of transparency, it's actually $.50/day. Put together, Fimoc's income is about $50/month.

posted by Rex at 3:59 PM on April 19, 2005

Long time reader. Keep up the good work. Peace out.

posted by Molotov at 4:24 PM on April 19, 2005

Tried to show a colleague your site today but the server was down. So glad you took off that link!

posted by Julie at 9:57 PM on April 19, 2005

I figured while you were still sleeping it off after the wild Walker Center partying, I'd post about kiosk testing. By the way, have you tried this great phenertermine [sic]?

posted by greg.org at 10:19 PM on April 19, 2005

After reading that Ann Coulter article from Star Trib I must once again say she is the biggest cunt alive.

posted by Pudie at 10:23 AM on April 20, 2005

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