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We've got a lot to talk about today, and I'm not not even going to link to Lohan's new blonde hair. Deep breath... ready, set, GO!:


The TV season hasn't even come to the moment of finale spoilers and already ABC has scheduled the DVD releases of the first seasons of Lost and Desperate Housewives.

TVCarnage.com. "Hundreds of hours of exceptionally bad TV lovingly fused together into hour plus, glorious cesspools of retardation." Amazing clips. NYT says DVDs are available for free, but it looks like the link might be gone.

NewsBreakers.org. They break into local tv liveshots. Is it a sign of getting old that what once seemed funny is now lame? [via]

A look at the new TV Guide spin-off, Inside TV. Certainly no shocker: TV Guide's revenue's are plummeting.

The Gladwell-esque Opus Of The Summer is certain to be Steven Johnson's Everything Bad Is Good For You (released next month). The ususal suspects are already excerpting it, including NYT Magazine (with a section about narrative tv) and Wired (not online yet).


In Guess-the-Google you see 20 images from a one-word Google Images search, and you have to figure out what the word is. Deceptively difficult.

Koerner's column this week is on the Star Wars version of the game Risk. (In other Star Wars commercialization news, here's Darth Vader in an Orange advert And more.)


Rappers love to make liquids that you consume. Here's a sample of real hip-hop energy drinks: Lil Jon's Crunk!!!, Ice-T's Liquid Ice, Nelly's PimpJuice, and Russell Simmons' DefCon3. The new issue of Wired reviews them all (not online yet).


Music videos and movie trailers belong in approximately the same category, so why not just mix them? Voila: the new Unleashed trailer / Massive Attack video.

NME has the new Juliette Lewis video.

New Sleater-Kinney video (.mov) for "Entertain," off the new album coming out next month.


For no apparent reason, another profile of The Simpsons / Matt Groening.

Real Life Simpsons House. Freaky.

A gigantic MP3 archive of Simpsons music.


Been a while since I read an entire ILM thread: Songs about Heroin and Songs about Crack. Okay, I didn't read all of that one either.

A tidbit on Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping says that Wal-Mart is not stocking the new CD.

Tom Waits, who won a lawsuit against Frito-Lay in 1992 for using a voice that sounded like his, now unhappy with Opel commercial.

Pitchfork can't decide whether to give the new Rob Pollard album a 0.0 or a 10.0, so they give it a (1)0.0 .


New rule: No using "MSM" unironically.


I finally read the Biz Week cover story Blogs Will Change Your Business, which says nothing important to important people. The accompanying blog looks pretty elementary.


The trailer to the new Lars von Trier flick, Manderlay, gets an internet NSFW rating for its use of the n-word.


Some good ones at Future Relic and Glarkware.

If you've got a kid, dress it in something from PottymouthShop.com.


London Review of Books Personals. Hot. [via]


Psst, wanna hear a secret? This LOCAL category will be disappearing soon, as we launch a new Twin Cities blog. We? Yes, we! Shhh, more details soon.


rex, you can purchase tvcarnage if you click on the paypal link on the main page or: http://www.tvcarnage.com/orderpaypal.html i own them all and they are fantastic, genius, not to mention mind altering. try watching normal tv right after a whole dvd.

posted by wagz at 10:00 AM on April 25, 2005

Aha! Thanks.

posted by Rex at 11:47 AM on April 25, 2005

http://www.stthomas.edu/bulletin/news/200518/Monday/Dease4_25_05.cfm An interesting response from the president of St. Thomas regarding Ann Coulter's visit.

posted by Alex at 12:44 PM on April 25, 2005

loved pottymouthshop link...sending to new and expecting parents today, and ordering as well. also, thank you rex for not linking to lohan's blondeness. i'll live longer now. although, i admit, (eyes downcast at the shame of it all), i googled. and it, the strand-colouring change, must be distinctly for the role she's currently in b/c it don't look good.

posted by melina at 1:30 PM on April 25, 2005

On the contrary, I thought that "Blogs Will Change Your Business" was good news in terms of getting the word out on their usefulness. Agreed, Blogspotting.net is pretty elementary, but as I mentioned in my own post about the article, I'm curious as to how many other big magazines or headlines you've seen highlight blogs as a serious news source. http://zepfanman.com/archives/000088.php

posted by J. J. at 2:22 PM on April 26, 2005

I think the New York Times screwed the pooch. TV Carnage DVD cost $25 (well worth the price). A new one is coming out in a few days. Maybe they meant Concrete TV, which is like the most violent and stupid moments of TV and film, cut together with bad metal and rap music. Also awesome, but Concrete TV is free http://www.concretetv.com/

posted by Dan at 9:06 PM on July 26, 2005

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