may 3

new release tuesday


It's Tuesday, so what are the new music releases? Glad you asked. We have a new Nine Inch Nails (With Teeth), a new Raveonettes (Pretty In Black), a new Aimee Mann (The Forgotten Arm), and a new Hold Steady (Separation Sunday).

Since there's no such thing as linking to an Esquire column, I'll point to Stereogum's large excerpt of Chuck's 21 CDs From the Past 3 Years. I think several of these are actually inspired by real people, and #10 is very likely me: "The Thrills, So Much for the City (2003): You will like this album if your apartment is actually a bar." And #1 couldn't be more perfect: "1. The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me (2004): You will like this album if you used to like AC/DC but now you just read a lot."


I thought the Michael Jackson trial on E! was pretty creepy, but putting Elizabeth Smart on People's 50 Most Beautiful People is downright insane.

NYT: Paris Inc.


Does CNN have a stupid keyword stuffing campaign going on?


That's cool, Peter Rojas got a Bill Gates interview on Engadget.


A new Chuck Palahniuk book, Haunted, is out today.


Nike has a new towering presence in Times Square -- 22-story digital screen that you can control by calling a phone number build a personalized pair of shoes. A friend sent a picture.


I'm tempted to do a footnotes version of Chuck's column, identifying who every person is behind the "You'll like this album if..." But I think I only know five of them.

posted by Anonymous at 10:09 PM on May 2, 2005

the comments left on the top 21 list were enough to make me laugh so hard i'm dabbing my eyes with a tissue...thanks

posted by melina at 4:11 AM on May 3, 2005

The first good Limp Bizkit CD came out as well.

posted by Pudie at 10:21 AM on May 3, 2005

Did anyone else try to find a webcam of Times Sq and call the number to watch your very own Nike's built? Did anyone succeed?

posted by dave at 1:13 PM on May 3, 2005

not sure if this is mentioned in the news story (can't get to right now) but that billboard is on the side of the reuters building on the corner of 43rd and 7th at 3 times square. and that's not the first time there's been an interactive, cell-phone-conctrolled advertisement in times square. previously there was a reuters news trivia game and a car-racing game sponsored by yahoo!.

posted by kathryn at 2:28 PM on May 3, 2005

The new Ryan Adams came out today, too...good stuff

posted by jeff at 3:38 PM on May 3, 2005

cnn might be biased... but they have some great new shows, for instance...

posted by thoth at 10:37 AM on May 4, 2005

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