may 8

fat boy slim


Some video involving Paris Hilton and Fat Boy Slim. I'm told this is a viral video to promote the release of Fat Boy Slim's new video. Which is the most hyper-real thing I've heard this month.


Last week, AP ran a story about my pals at Rocketboom.

Tina Brown's Topic A goes bye-bye.

Systems of the Down got the F-word in SNL. Yawn.

Pat O'Brien Soundboard.


Apparently because they haven't put Gawker on the Business page yet (next up: Travel?), NYT chats up the Gawker gang. What's the scoop? Blogs are over-hyped. Yeah, tell that to Calacanis, who is being stalked.

Tony Pierce was fired from his job at E!

NYT Editorial page gets all sappy about blogger ethics. Jarvis responds.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.... (Update, it launched.)


Over on MNspeak, some notes on Low, a non-debate about IFP MSP, and the phone book doubles in size.


Howard Stern has made great use of the O'Brien tape but the soundboard is a must-have. Kudos all around.

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it sucks!

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That was a crazy episode. I definately didn't see that ending coming. Love the show. -Peace Mark

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