jun 26

capital gang


The stupid TiVo auto-recorded the final episode of the Capital Gang this weekend, and it made me wonder if political shows have always been this dull.


NYT Mag profiles Nic Harcourt, "the star maker of the semipopular," of KCRW radio.

Nike rips off Minor Threat. And Hot Topic is selling John Coltrane t-shirts.


Why someone isn't translating these Saddam Hussein novels into English is a complete mystery to me.

The world's most popular authors (according to Google Adsense).

Apparently NYTRB couldn't avoid reviewing The Washingtonienne and finally caved in.


The Salvador DalĂ­ Museum (which is right next to the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg) is moving, thanks to Jeb Bush.

McSweeney's: Things Not Overheard At A Conceptual-Art Gallerying Opening.


Little Lost Robot likes my "Send To Proof" button!

Whenever someone uses the word juvenile to describe some piece of cultural junk, I immediately want it. That said, I've never really understood the appeal of NewsBreakers.org, the pranksters behind the tv live-shot media stunts. However, NYT chooses to stack them next to Howard Stern and the Merry Pranksters. I guess if there were more of a point to what they do (like, say, The Guerilla Girls), I might be more sympathetic. Then again, saying that these pranks lack a point is, well, missing the point. I guess.

In college, Lawrence, Kan. was synonymous with William Burroughs (for me, anyway). Now, in my new media work world, it's forever associated with online news innovation. NYT looks at what The Lawrence Journal-World is in The Newspaper of the Future.


I heard on NPR that the English version of Saddam's books is coming out at the end of the year -- and then being published in French sometime next year. Why French is anyone's guess....

posted by Larry at 6:04 AM on June 27, 2005

tropic of cubicle (top author's link) had me up 'til midnight laughing my arse off. thanks rex!

posted by melina at 12:28 PM on June 27, 2005

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