jun 30

blogging casualty

Am I a blog casualty? Heck no, I've just been busy over at MNspeak. You have to understand, we have Lindsay Lohan in town right now, and the whole state is a-twitter.


Did you watch the first episode of Stella on Comedy Central? The promotion machine has been gigantic (I heard that somewhere here in Minneapolis they were giving away free Stella Artois to promote the show). Here's Slate.com's view. My thoughts: I didn't laugh once. Sorry guys, it's not even as funny as The Office remake.


Suicide Girls interview Chuck Palahniuk.


How many burgers did that racy Paris Hilton advert sell? Almost none.

Nike apologized for their Minor Threat ad. But the ILM thread on this was quite good.

Ad-free versions of Gawker and Page 6.


Gothamist has a salacious interview with Washingtonienne. The best part is where she talks about her night out with Ana Marie Cox, and then says they don't talk anymore but suggests there's an off-the-record story to be told.

What happened to Suck.com? The full (very full) story.

Lately, I spend several hours a day reading what other dot-com media companies are doing (today, I read at least a dozen different articles on Yahoo's new My Web 2.0 ). It takes something like this NYT story to remind me of all the stuff that's happened in the last couple weeks -- and since that article yesterday there has been updates to Google Print, Yahoo's Map API, Amazon's A9, etc., etc. It's a crazy time.

I completely missed this... did everyone know that the new iTunes supports videoblogs too? Rocketboom on my iTunes, delish. And since you can charge for feeds.... could this be intro to micropayments?


Best. Blog. Ever.

The Onion: New Us Quarterly To Explore Celebrity Issues In More Depth.


The trailer for King Kong, which stars Naomi Watts and Jack Black, looks like outtakes from Jurrasic Park.


What is it that you do? I need a job that involves spending the day scanning the web for the latest trends and technologies! Keep up the great work - I enjoy reading MNSpeak but I look forward to updates here more!

posted by Eric at 10:43 AM on June 30, 2005

I too have missed the fimoculousness. P.S. You and your MNSPEAK celeb sighting buddies might like to know that Maya Rudolph stopped into my place of work last Wednesday. (I work at Mississippi Market now.) She got some carrot juice from the juice bar and something else. I peeked at her but felt like a stalker so didn't get a good stare in. I'll let you know if LIndsay Lohan stops in for some weightloss wheatgrass or something.

posted by Karen Edwards at 11:37 AM on June 30, 2005

oh, thank you so much for the link to the nike blasting/ilm thread...i'm only 1/3 scrolling down, and i've laughed so much, my sides are splittin'!

posted by melina at 7:16 PM on June 30, 2005

Wow, I never knew Wonkette had such great tits. Really! Look at them. They're very nice and round. I never really bought into the idea that she was somehow hot because she had a funny blog, she still looked kind of ordinary to me, but I never noticed those tits before. Looks like maybe she works out a tad bit to. So that's nice. Titty tit tit tits. Hooray!

posted by Eric II at 12:52 AM on July 5, 2005

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