jul 5

please be karl rove

What did I do over the long weekend? I saw both War of the World and Star Wars: Episode Three, so that you don't have to. But mostly I waited for the "Karl Rove is the Valerie Plame leak" plot to develop -- but it hasn't even made it onto NYT yet. Please God, let it be Rove.


Someone should write a crazy-murderer-speech-algorithm that catches things like this blog, which was written by Joseph Duncan, who's being held for murder in Idaho. I have a ton more links over at MNspeak.

Reading NYT's piece on writers who are using blogs to help write books, it's immediately glaring how many of these books are exactly what my friends and I are reading right now (including Steven Levitt's Freakonomics and Steven Johnson's Everything Bad Is Good For You) and are looking forward to reading (including David Weinberger's Everything Is Miscellaneous, Chris Anderson's The Long Tail, and John Battelle's The Search.

Tony Pierce lists the 100 Greatest American Men of All Time.


In a wait rivaling Chinese Democracy, the release of the movie Prozac Nation is finally upon us today -- but it went straight to DVD.


Wired has most of its Remix issue online. It's my favorite issue in many months.

NYT reports on Romenesko's salary, a cool $169K/year.


NME has a bit about Franz Ferdinand's new album, due in September. And another bit about The Darkness' new album, due in October.

127 is a Iranian band that has been trying to play in the U.S. since at least SXSW, but hasn't gotten in yet. And they don't sound bad. Here's one profile from the Chi Trib about them.

Missy Elliot's new album, The Cookbook, comes out today.


Finally, it took Tom Cruise to get the brilliance of Brooke Shields onto the NYT Op/Ed pages.


Suicide Girls interviews Rick Moody.


158-image slideshow from IDEA / Business Week's annual designs awards.


Casa Camper is a Barcelona hotel designed by Camper shoes. Yeah, I don't get it either.


Decent NYT story on wetware (aka bioart).


If you're going to pray, don't simply pray that it's Rove, pray that he actually goes down for it.

posted by drew at 3:43 AM on July 5, 2005

We are not going to see Karl Rove or anyone high up in the Bush administration "going down" for the outing of Valeri Plame. If it is Rove, he will not end up in prison but in one of the conservative think tanks and continue to do his thing.

posted by musafir at 11:41 AM on July 5, 2005

http://shanghai.craigslist.org/pol/ Go to the link and click on the word Freedom.

posted by Dave at 5:36 PM on July 6, 2005

Fimoc has taken an obvious backseat to the MNSpeak site. MNSpeak started out as a seemingly collaberative effort but now owes thanks to you for contributing its last nine out of ten posts, while Fimoc gathers dust over here. Is this site on its way out or what?

posted by jojo at 12:04 AM on July 9, 2005

ha ha. i slapped that horsehater blog that you linked a while back together in about an hour in response to a post my buddy alex blagg made on his blog about getting thrown in a new orleans slammer for alledgedly punching a horse (he didn't). he and i kept making posts to amuse ourselves. you wouldn't believe how many people think it's serious. thanks for the link. merkley??? aka Glue Factory Bob aka Rachelle

posted by merkley??? at 5:58 PM on December 6, 2005

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