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Rex Sorgatz

Idea: a chain of popup stores. (I don't know what it even means, but it seems like everything is now either a chain or a popup store.)

jul 27

first person

Don't ask. Really, just don't ask.


You saw that Errol Morris' First Person and DVD Collection came out yesterday, right? Delish.


Forbes: Best of the Web, The Blog Edition.

Lockhart (Curbed, Gawker) has a strange video profile where you see him blog. And Elizabeth Spiers (Mediabistro) has a profile of her own.


I'm not unbeaten at AimFight, but I've got a pretty good record. (Username: ibsrex)

How Craigslist has changed New York.

OJR is trying to do a Wiki story on video journalists.


NIN's "Only".


Yeah, another Burger King minisite. This one is a faux metal band named Coq Roq.


The reason you've seen Natalie Portman bald: V for Vendetta trailer.


Whoa, this NYT story says that 58 percent of people have dated someone at work.

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I think AIM fight is rigged.

posted by norwegianity at 11:20 AM on July 27, 2005

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