aug 7

why lie?

Why lie, I need a beer. Correction: why lie, this is a link blog. As of today. Again.


Encyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes.

The Strangers with Candy movie appears to be no more, which is odd because Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris are pretty much at the top of their game right now.


Bjork's soundtrack to Barney's Drawing Restraint 9 comes out Aug. 23. There's also an import.


NYT calls Brett Easton Ellis "The Man in the Mirror." His new book, Lunar Park, comes out next week.


Busting open machinima to the masses, the NYT Mag: The Xbox Auteurs.


If you heard that HBO's Entourage was good, here's your chance to judge for yourself.


Cool (literally) Ladytron video.


Freakonomics t-shirts.


It's been a long while (a whole year!) since I cared about new cellphones, but the Treo 670 running on Windows Mobile is intriguing.


So Microsoft is back in the content game? Color me confused! Filter is apparently a blog network. After poking around at them for a bit, I can't even get into how horribly executed they are.

And I have no comment on that thing in Gawker, Current.TV, or Robert Novak.


I like links!

posted by Pat in Tokyo at 3:21 AM on August 8, 2005

my oh my, the internet gadgetry sites are all a-buzz with the treo 670 windows OS...wowsee...

posted by melina at 2:35 PM on August 8, 2005

Come back Rex! That new lover at MNSpeak is taking all your time...

posted by Anonymous at 4:53 PM on August 8, 2005

Upon actually looking at the Filter "web page" filled with gaffy links, I chose under "Music", the blog entry about The Stones/POTUS. The five categories sounded eerily familiar to me... ...and then (insert suprised smiley icon here) could it be? is this a direct product of the Blog Job Announcement I think you posted Rex? I know MSN had a July 22 submission for résumé due date. Plenty of time to bark out this stuff, yes? It. looks. kinda. "pale"...

posted by Melina at 7:41 PM on August 9, 2005

The Bjork soundtrack is out on iTunes now, fyi.

posted by lane at 1:41 PM on August 10, 2005

if we didn't want links, we wouldn't be reading the thing. Next time: your opinion on Robert Novak! It is demanded...

posted by chris at 6:23 PM on August 13, 2005

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