aug 31

suicide grrrls


The Suicide Girls have a DVD out. Amazon says 15% of the people who buy it also bought the Prozac Nation DVD. Not rated.


Lookie! New Franz Ferdinand video.

Plastic discusses "the perfect album."

New music releases today: Kanye West's Late Registration and Death Cab for Cutie's Plans.


Awesome news for the best show on tv: Charlize Theron to be in this season's Arrested Development. She'll play Jason Bateman's love interest.

New on TV DVDs today: First Season of Roseanne.


Even the New York Times is paying attention to the Flying Spaghetti Monster now.


The Onion has a big new redesign, and the lead story right now is Google Announces Plans To Destroy All Information It Can't Index. Ouch, Google backlash from the hipsters.

Doonsbury: I'm so stealing that blog idea.

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woah. that last post reminds me of a dream i had last week. but wtf anyway?

posted by cherrybomb at 4:16 PM on August 31, 2005

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