oct 9

daily show democrat

While being interviewed the other day, someone asked me about my political affiliations. After stammering for a bit, I said, "Do you know the phrase 'South Park Republican'? I suppose I'm a 'Daily Show Democrat'." You heard it here first.


Metacritic.com (which you might remember was recently purchased by CNet) has added tv reviews. So far, Prison Break has been my favorite show of the year, while critics have Everybody Hates Chris as the best.

So you're watching Lost, right? At first all this talk about the curse of The X-Files / Twin Peaks seemed a worthwhile concern, but season two has been great so far. So "4 8 15 16 23 42," right? The site 4815162342.com has been the best for gossip and theories, including one that concludes that the numbers are GPS coordinates. Damn, that's so... post-Google.


Back when my pal Andy launched Upcoming.org, I asked him what he'd do with all that money when Google bought him out. I was only wrong about one thing. Congrats, man.

Oh hell, Google launched a newsreader.

Blogebrity has more details on the Weblogs Inc deal with AOL.

After weaning myself off Gawker, the comments on threads like this just might bring me back.


A full list of Dubya nicknames.

Chuck did a face-off with Bill Simmons last week. It turned out pretty good, except when they talk about blogging.


List: cool musicians who blog.

Ratsin-fratsin Spin.com didn't put up all of Phoebe's outrageous interview with Courtney Love, so here it is.

Pitchfork reviews the new Director's Label Series.


Hilarious remix of The Shining as a family flick.

Trailer to that new Woody Allen starring Scarlett Johansson.


No, I Don't Want To Read Your Blog (or hear your demo).


Just the other day I decided I was tired of having eight remotes to run my house and bought a Harmony 880. And then PVRblog got one too.


Is it my imagination or has Wired News sorta fallen off the radar since they did those lay-offs a few months ago?

Salon.com redesigned. It looks like a mashup of Slate.com and The Huffington Report.


Aziz carries the world's shittiest mixtape around on a boombox.

The Onion: Project Manager Leaves Suicide PowerPoint Presentation.

The most awesome quarters players ever.

Hey, I was "on" the Harry Shearer show (audio) a couple weeks ago.


1. i was hoping for tariq aziz.
2. courtney love is a confounding human being.
3. rivers cuomo is a complete dick.

posted by jean at 1:39 PM on October 10, 2005

"while being interviewed the other day...." the blogger leads his first posting in who the hell knows how long... and so the question...has the search for fame made life too busy to keep running the best goddamned blog around. if it winds up being just another "all about me blog" for rex, the world is lost. and so is rex. and so are we. lost. lost. lost.

posted by ornery at 7:40 PM on October 10, 2005

filmoculous.com: great things I said and week old links

posted by marcus at 1:33 PM on October 14, 2005

Thank you for the kind, heart-felt words.

There's a glimmer of a hope that Fimoc can return to what it once was, but I'll be frank: it probably won't happen in 2005. There are just too many things going on right now. We'll be in "weekly updates" mode for a while, though I do plan to do my big "Best of Year" list again.

posted by Rex at 2:33 PM on October 14, 2005

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