sep 24

Baby Steps

Okay, I guess I'm back. I'm going to start posting daily again, but I completely concede any attempt at comprehensiveness. Part of my recent silence is due to a surfeit of meaningless commentary filling the internet. I'm sure that I'll only contribute to that. For me, large political events also always seem to coincide with large personal events....

 First, something I've been working on: A Look At Afghanistan.

 Are you okay? Most people were moved by Letterman's sobby comeback, but I wonder what people with think of John Stewart's.

 Military Codename Generator. It seems this is the way our military is treating these issues lately.

 Second paragraph says that one of the hijackers trained in Eagan, Minn.

 The New York Observer begins to ponder how to rebuild the skyline.

 Haven't decided what I think of this: WarLog.

 There's probably never been a better time to read The New Yorker. (This William Vollman article about touring Afghanistan from the archive is fascinating to read now.) Scratch that. It's probably more important to read The Nation right now.

Baby steps, baby steps. See you tomorrow.

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