nov 6

sarah silverman

Shut up, where have you been?


With recent profiles in Radar, Believer, L.A. Times, and The New Yorker, it seems our hipster pinup has truly made it. Her movie, Jesus Is Magic [trailer], was in festivals over a year ago but is finally hitting mainstream theaters next week. Popbytes has some video clips.


You've heard the White Stripes' version of Tegan and Sara's "Walking with a Ghost," right? Good. Anatomy of a rock snob.

It's old news, but let's not forget that MySpace has a record label starting soon.


The production blog for the new Danny Boyle film Sunshine.

The CEO for Whole Foods has a blog.


100 Greatest Internet Moments.

Discuss: Would you pay $5/month to use Google?

Interview with our pal Andrew of Rocketboom.

Revver is a new get-paid-to-upload-your-video site.

NYT: Just Googling It Is Striking Fear Into Companies | A Journey to the Center of Yahoo.

Yahoo's new Google-ish Local Maps uses Flash instead of Ajax (or actually, uses both). [See also: Yahoo Maps pranks Google.]


Financial Times has lunch with Brett Easton Ellis.

McSweeney's has a new online store, and the first thing I notice is a new DVD magazine called Wholphin.


Just weeks after the new Video iPod comes


Well it's about damn time. You didn't catch Firecracker up at Lagoon did you? Fantastic movie.

posted by Pudie at 12:31 PM on November 6, 2005

Thanks, Rex. Good to have you ... y'know ... back.

posted by Dave E. at 10:23 PM on November 6, 2005

Agree with Pudie...super movie!!

posted by cholo at 12:33 PM on November 10, 2005

Sweet. Another fan! Hard to come by! I've been following this movie for like 2 years now and was not dissapoitned at all.

posted by Pudie at 11:39 PM on November 10, 2005

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