dec 5

madonna and camille reunite

The annual list of lists has started to take off. Rex (no relation) at RexBlog did an interview with me about list-making.

I have some big personal announcements to make soon, but first a small one: I have an essay in this new book from the American Press Institute.

Okay, some links:


Everyone I know wants to talk about Camille Paglia on Madonna in Salon. Seriously.

Remember The Strokes? Here's the new video for "Juicebox," the first single off their next album. It, like, rocks in that, like, MTV way, right?


Rexie's dreams really do come true: Poddater.


Whoa, Veronica Mars this week, right? See the alternative ending. Double whoa!

See the new TiVo features?


Rocketboom: IE or Firefox? Good.

That's a whole lotta words that SF Weekly gave to Craig Newmark.

The debate at the New York Public Library between publishers and Google is now online (mp3).

Google has started a new blog for Google Base. Hopefully it will tell me what the hell to do with Google Base.


Panopticist: Gawker as purchased by NYT.

Holy nobody-cares-but-everybody-cares: Calacanis and Jarvis are cat-fighting.


Long Ebert profile in Chicago magazine.


omg rex r u having a baby? Mazeltov!

posted by cancer of the penis at 10:52 AM on December 5, 2005

lemme're marrying your ipod?
you're gonna write a book?
you've enlisted? joined the peace corps?
you've sold your soul to the devil?
you're not going away after all?

posted by jean at 11:59 AM on December 5, 2005

Rex, you might consider linking to the list (within the Salon article) of Camille Paglia's favorite disco songs. Not a 2005 list but a list nonetheless...

posted by gamblinwad at 4:33 PM on December 5, 2005

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