dec 14

Marie Antoinette


The trailer to Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette looks almost like a parody music video.


NYT Styles tries to convince you that men like Neanderthal TV.

Rocketboom is now available on TiVo. (Lookie, Amanda in the Times.)

Season Seven of The Simpsons came out on DVD yesterday. And so did Season Two of Miami Vice.


The teaser on the print edition of this NYT story was "Pamela Rogers Turner was 28; her lover, or victim, 13. Discuss." I've had about a dozen conversations recently about these cases.


Yeah, you know already: Yahoo bought

Adam Penenberg used to write a column at Wired News, but has moved over the Slate where he's done a couple great piece on Apple/iTunes/iPod: Apple's Next Move | The Right Price for Digital Music.


#1 sign you're already too late on buying an xBox 360.

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