jan 30


Next time. Next time I'll live blog Frey on Oprah too. Kick it:


Hey, I sold my community website, MNspeak.com. Now if I could only sell this dumb thing...


Psst, Amanda is going to be on this Thursday's episode of CSI.

Andrew has decided to auction off his first Rocketboom advertising on eBay.


So I had been away from the blogging world for a few weeks and I come back to see embedded video everywhere via You Tube. Looks like this could quickly become what Google Video and Current.TV and Brightcove (and several others) wanted to be overnight.

Wow, someone did the research that I've been dying to know: how much is a viewer in advertising revenue versus download revenue? The answer: $.57 for advertising to $1.44 for download (with a ton of caveats applied).

The Joshua Schachter interviews is becoming the new Craig Newmark interview.

Very long yet surprisingly uninformative NYT story on Yahoo.


Via a WSJ story not online, weekend box office reports on Bubble are quite disappointing.

Veronica Mars is in a computer movie! Looks like it sucks though.

Filmmaker interview with Linklater on A Scanner Darkly. Res has one too, but it's not online.


Decent NYT Styles story on the rise of the alternative comedy scene.


Alright, PETA has gone too far.


Gillette Fusion is out. Five! Fucking! Blades! My Mach3 is totally Atari 2600 now.


Huh, the Gondry-directed video for Kanye's "Heard 'Em Say" came out after all.

Trent Rezor pre-NIN is very Flock of Seagulls.


Oh yeah, the lists of lists aggregation machine.

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after watching the PETA ad, I think I'm going to throw up. but maybe that's the point?

posted by larry at 6:46 PM on January 30, 2006

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