feb 6

TV on the Internet


Look at all this: 1) NBC is producing an internet-only reality tv show called Star Tomorrow. 2) Bravo will launch a site, OutZone.tv, with original gay programming. 3) AOL and Mark Burnett are working on an internet reality tv show called Gold Rush. 4) NBC is greenlighting Carson's Cyberhood, a showcase of homemade videos. 5) Amazon is starting an original talk show hosted by Bill Maher called Amazon Fishbowl. All of these online-only -- no broadcast.

Occasionally funny: MySpace: The Movie. "Why am I not in your top eight?"

Current Rocketboom ad price: $15K

Super Bowl ads via Google Video.


Alright, what the hell is this about? Disney hijacked Devo for... Devo 2.0?


This is painful: Blogonomics Blog Cruise.

New Denton blog: Valleywag. Gotta love the post about the Larry Page's girlfriends.


More trailer mashups: Brokeback to the Future.

Or how about fake trailers? Tarantino and Rodriguez have crazy ideas.

What was the weirdest part of the Super Bowl? Noticing during the Mission Impossible III trailer that Philip Seymour Hoffman is the main villain in the movie. Here's a PSH interview with David Remnick.


Klosterman's ESPN.com Super Bowl blog was quite fun, right? He talks about blogging here.


The editor of the SF Bay Guardian thinks that Craig Newmark isn't the hero you think he is. Anil responds.


Time's tv critic, James Poniewozik, has a blog: Tuned In.


A new journal for cross-disciplinary studies in plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification: Plagiary. [via NYT story.]

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