feb 12

my job versus my favorite show


Did you skip the Olympics to see the last two hours of Arrested Development? Thank you, TiVo. (The show finished fifth in ratings for the night -- after the Olympics, Dancing with the Stars, WWE's Friday Night Smackdown, and a Ghost Whisperer re-run. Go America!)

It was pretty good, but it's also a mystery why the Pamela Anderson roast is being released on DVD.

Biz Week: Can MTV Stay Cool?


TiVo is holding a Wishlist Mixer in San Fran. Dammit, I'm moving to the wrong city.

The editor of Modern Love give his stake on the state of love in contemporary America. I seem to disagree with half of it.

Mike Figgis made a short film, Tied up at the Office [not safe for the office], for lingerie peddlers Agent Provocateur. I get it as much as I got Demon Lover.

Found on Amazon: Pierced Attachable Nipples. C'mon, for real?


Design Megadeth's new logo!


That controversial Mohammed cartoon has been turned into a t-shirt.

Cheney gun t-shirts already.


There was actually a book (Nic Kelman's 2003 novel, Girls) that had blurbs on it written by both James Frey and JT Leroy.


Kottke on Ebert on "hyperlink movies."


The Huffington Post's Contagious Film Festival is out. Meh. I wonder if the Gawker one will be better.

Which internet company is the least willing to provide financial information about itself? Not Google -- it's Amazon.

NYT has does a quick story with examples of searches on the new Google.cn.

Google, cover of Time. Blah, blah.


On made-to-order artwork for offices.


I don't care what you say, these last few Madonna vids have been good. Her new video for "Sorry" has more street dancing, this tine looking like crumping-meets-Barbarella-meets-Mad-Max.

Night! Of! Fire!

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that video was like my tummy on fire.

posted by melina at 1:58 PM on February 14, 2006

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