feb 16

Me And Craig Newmark, Sitting In A Tree


City Pages this week has interviews with Craig Newmark and... ME! It reads pretty nerdy, but it sprawled into an interesting citizen journalism conversation on MNspeak.

USA Today gives props to our Olympics videoplayer strategy, but points to a future in which everything will likely be online. (This topic is huge, and maybe I'll write about it after the Olympics.)


Matt Haughey's little essay on Blogging TV and YouTube is right on. I hope lawyers don't squash this.

So best: Tom Cruise on Oprah, as it should have been.

Fox Reality is a new entire channel dedicated to reality tv. Reality Remix is a show -- staring Kennedy! -- that is now completely available online.


When did this sneak up us? Basic Instinct 2, starring MILF-ish Sharon Stone. Who knows, it could even be okay (I actually love the campiness of the first). No Michael Douglas though.

The 10 Best Sci-Fi Films That Never Existed is pretty darn awesome.


NYT reports on on sites like Don't Date Him Girl, which are out to ruin my life. (C'mon, I'm kidding.)

Ya know, I really liked Clive's NY Mag blog story. Nice seeing my pal Rojas on the cover.

I've ditched my Netflix account because I had stopped using it (too much TiVo, too much DVD buying), but now I see they are testing a $5/month plan, which could bring me back.


Nerve.com: Last Night on Earth, a photo-essay inspired by the wrtings of Bukowski.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs in the New Yorker. Would you like to see the video for the first single? Okay.


Kristen Bell (i.e., Veronica Mars) in Maxim.

I heard Sports Illustrated half-naked girls on the internet today.

What the Victoria's Secret catalogue looked like in 1977. Weird.

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gawd, see what i had as my lingerie role-model in '77 at a mere 13 years of age!?!? eee-yeuh! is there any reason to wonder the 'why' of it all now (she mumbles to herself)? love those retro flashbacks...

posted by Melina at 6:43 PM on February 21, 2006

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