mar 31

relocation anecdotes

Traffic is to Seattle as weather is to Minneapolis. People love to talk about hating it, but they're all resigned to its existence. Alright, here are a few links:


So I'm listening to last week's On The Media via podcast, and I hear Bob Garfield start swearing at an FCC official. It's both really funny and really good. But I'm thinking, "This can't possibly have aired. This must just be on the podcast." But no, it turns out that it actually was broadcast. There appears to be no fall-out yet, but I can't wait until next week's reax pieces, which seem inevitable.


Digg Soundboard. Indeed.


Since earlier this week we linked to a Tom Waits dog food commercial, this week you get a Rolling Stones 1964 Rice Krispies commercial.

The first eight paragraphs of Melissa's Yeah Yeah Yeahs Spin cover story. Good.

Klosterman wrote a fake review of Chinese Democracy, but half the blogosphere thinks it's real.


I became obsessed this week with NY Mag's "Up With Grups" story, which is effectively about aging hipsters. I basically took over a MNspeak thread with my theories.


Are you allowed to say "podcast"?

posted by Adam at 11:05 AM on March 31, 2006

Are you?

posted by Rex at 11:49 AM on March 31, 2006

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