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The single best piece of tv in 2006 so far has been SNL's TV Funhouse take on Disney. Which leads to the question: why isn't TV Funhouse available on DVD? (SNL will be airing a "Best Of" special on April 29.)


Diesel Sweeties on the music magazine.

Magazine Death Pool (dot-com).


Do you remember Bill Paxton and Judge Reinhold being in the video to Pat Benatar's "Shadow of the Night"? And that it has a Nazi theme? And that it has Pat as a Dancer In The Dark-era Bjork-like character fantasizing in a Rosie the Riveter get-up? Is this really what the '80s were like?

Kerouac on The Steve Allen Show, interviewed by William F. Buckley, and eulogized by Walter Cronkite. Is this really what the '60s were like?


I'm obsessed with Coke Blak in the same way I was obsessed with OK Soda.


Trailer to The Fountain, Aronofsky's newest.

Best Week Ever wants to know if The Legend of Simon Conjurer (starring Jon Voight) is an elaborate hoax. Trailer.


Webcam vids have truly gone postmodern: Watching Norna (NYT) and Webcam Girls Gone Wild.

MySpace, what have you wrought? "thanks for the add you guys rock".


Religious Maps.


Last time I was in San Francisco, I hung out in a nearly vacant South Park, which now is filling up again.

For the archive, last week's NYT Mag analysis of North Dakota.


"This video has been removed due to copyright infringement." :[

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i had a coke blak this morning on an empty stomach and almost threw up. i had 3 sips. it's terrifically bad. it sounds simplistic and obvious, but it tastes like coke and coffee together, which they should have realized was not a good idea.

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