may 13



MNstories has a couple videos of Mark Hosler of Negativland setting up his exhibit at Creative Electric in Minneapolis. Hosler has been hanging out in MSP for a few weeks now -- makes me miss home.

Excellent Daily Show segment on Mini Kiss versus Tiny Kiss.

Remix David Byrne and Brian Eno's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

Who needs Axl when you have Fergie butchering GNR songs.

Blender: 500 Greatest Songs Written Since You Were Born | Rolling Stone: Most Excellent Songs Of Every Year Since 1967.

MySpace, the music video.


The Lloyd Dobler moment for a new generation, from The Office finale: Jim says "I'm in love with you." Response: "What are you doing?"


On the page listing the blogs, I see they've given Stanley Fish an education blog called "Think Again," but it's barred in behind Times Select.

Huh, even The New Yorker is getting into online video: Ken Auletta in conversation with Terry Semel.

25 Things I Learned on Google Trends.

LoveLines is an interesting little interface.


Scanner Darkly remix contest.


Compare Kurt Anderson's good essay on plagiarism from last week with Malcolm Gladwell's equally good essay on plagiarism from last year.

MLA Maps.

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Where the hell have I been? I thought The Office was cancelled an nobody understood it and the studio pulled funding and ...

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