may 16

hair fight!


Brian Grazer and Malcolm Gladwell have a hair-off on the Charlie Rose show. Among other things, they talk about Gawker.


At the end of last year, I chose Arianna Huffington as an "artist of the year." My lede: "The Huffington Post should completely suck." David Carr notices the one-year anniversary of The Huffington Post in The Times. His lede? "When it began a year ago, The Huffington Post seemed like a remarkably bad idea." Yo, just sayin.


NYT Mag: Scan This Book! Surprisingly polemic towards the end, but spot-on.

NYT: Media Immersion Pods in Tokyo.


Okay, why hasn't the Al Gore on SNL thing been yanked of YouTube yet? I'll never understand...

NYT gave my fave girl Virginia Heffernan an upfronts blog. It's snarky!


I'm The Decider.


Klosterman texted me from the ooh-ooh-big-deal GNR show in NYC ("Axl got thin again!"), but the big news is that Axl is obsessed with his online persona.


Wow. This is the best thing since those Negativland Casey Kasem tapes: Siskel and Ebert behind-the-scenes from 1987.

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I saw the Grazer/Gladwell chat on a tv with poor reception and a fuzzy screen -- for the first 5 minutes, I thought Malcolm Gladwell was interviewing himself through some old school split screen technique.

posted by sorryma at 12:37 PM on May 16, 2006

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