may 28



I was just thinking the other day how strange it is that Amazon hasn't significantly monetized Then along came this NYT profile of the founder.

Is Lost the best thing on TV, like, ever? There are too many topics to link to (Dickens?), but here's a strange interview on Jimmy Kimmel with the Communications Director of the Hanso Foundation?


I ♥ [anything].


National Day of Slayer (6/6/06 -- June 6, 2006) is coming up.

Pitchfork's long look at the state of current and future music recommendation systems is pretty good.

Tapes 'n Tapes link: Hey, I recognize that apartment.


An archive of William Burroughs cut-up films and audio.

Salam Pax's book is being made into a movie.

FOOD has launched a grocery section. In other news, a certain nerd in Seattle decides his entire life will consists of the Microsoft cafeteria and whatever he can buy off Amazon.

ONLINE aggregates the aggregators, or something like that.

The Morning News gives its Online Excellence Awards.

Thanks. No.

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