may 30

the most exciting powerpoint of all time

Ya know, I haven't seen the Al Gore movie yet, but how fucking awesome is it that a gigantic powerpoint has been getting raves? It give nerds hope.... too much hope. On with the links:


National Review's Conservative Top 50 Songs. Fuck you, classic rock.

I started watching this commercial for Beck's beer thinking it was a new Beck music video. Actually, is there any difference anymore?

Suicide Girls interview with Mike Patton, whose Peeping Tom came out this week.


The New Yorker revisits Jason and Meg. The original, from six years ago. Gawker's take.


I wonder why Pinky and the Brain isn't on DVD.

Holy shit, there's a lot of bad reality tv coming to network this summer.


Chronicle of Higher Ed: The Lure of Lists.


Guardian Mag profile of Douglas Coupland, in which 1) he subtly disses Steven Berlin Johnson's game book, 2) we learn he has a movie called Everything's Gone Green coming out, and 3) he delivers his definition of irony.


Google has movie trailers now too.


More Pinky And The Brain episodes here. Narf!

posted by Mikey at 12:25 AM on May 31, 2006

Pinky and the Brain, as well as Animaniacs, are coming to DVD in July at some point. Then again, with all of them on YouTube...who needs DVDs?

posted by Ironic at 7:31 AM on May 31, 2006


posted by melina at 12:23 PM on May 31, 2006

Yes, but Al Gore's presentation gives OS X nerds even more hope since he's using Keynote to give the presentation. And both his Powerbook and Safari are prominently featured in the film.

posted by kathryn at 3:19 PM on May 31, 2006

I haven't seen the film, but I will say that it his presentation was probably the best use of Keynote that I have ever seen. Almost film-worthy, maybe. :-)

posted by Aaron at 10:28 AM on June 3, 2006

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