oct 2

Coulter Canned

 Well, maybe something good can come of this. The National Review cans Ann Coulter.

 I knew I shouldn't have linked to that "bin Laden calls mom" story yesterday. It's already being debunked.

 Uh-oh. Austere Google has added nav bars. There's also a preferences page now.

 Usability expert Bruce Tognazzini chimes in on his feelings on how to make airports secure. Nothing new though.

 Never trust anyone who says "Afghani" (like I've been doing in the things I produce). And, since I'm linking to Slate, I found this article on naming the "New New World Order" interesting.

 Chuck listened to Nevermind recently, and here's a song-by-song analysis. Those "in the know" will be amused by this entry about "Lithium":

I knew an English education major who was obsessed with this song and what it was supposed to mean. In an attempt to impress her, I actually went to the medical school library to find out what lithium was used for, discovering that it was sometimes prescribed for multiple personalities. This seemed to answer all our questions, because Cobain sings about having friends "inside my head." It turns out Lithium is actually about a deeply religious family Kurt temporarily lived with after being kicked out of his house as a teen-ager. To be perfectly honest, I think my interpretation is more interesting than the actual reality, but the English major ended up having sex with some guy who fronted an alternative cover band called As If, so I guess I don't care anymore.

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