oct 8

Big Day

I got a lotta linking to do today, so let's kick it up.

 Chatting with Noam Chomsky on MSNBC.com. Good stuff. (What? You missed the Hitchens-Chomsky debate? Catch up!)

 Score one for the Bush multi-culti staff. Zalmay Khalilzad is the resident Afghan on the Bush staff. (His wife, Cheryl Benard, wrote Moghul Buffet.)

 Oh, you were looking for a definition of postmodernism? Yes, well, Hollywood is helping the Pentagon figure out terrorist strike scenarios.

 Um, er, you want another? The official Department of Defense Anthrax site. In Flash.

 How about some more dull lit-crit parodies? Postmodern Pooh.

 Wheh, back to Modernism: Understanding Turbans.

 Ten bucks to the person who writes the best Rush Can't Hear joke.

 Whattevva. Knight-Ridder says they had the story long before USA Today did. Can't someone please tell them that the Guardian was writing about this for weeks before anyone in America was? (I touched on this a few days ago.)

 Speaking of the Guardian, I'm enjoying their "Difficult Art Forms" series. Today: Stockhausen (and another).

 Everyone's talking about "the CNN of the Middle East," Al-Jazeera. I don't know much about this network, but I'm starting my research now.

 Pre-Stern City Pages editor Steve Perry has been writing about Afghanistan/Terrorism/Bush on Cursor.org. Check out today's post.

 War or football? No choice.

 Long piece about what Google did Sept. 11.

 The video "Vidrar vel til Loftarasa" by Sigor Ros has been nominated for the Virgin Megastore Shortlist Prize for Artistic Achievement. I saw Sigor Ros perform a week ago, and I've been trying to find time to tell you about it (and about my trip to Hong Kong, and about my trip to Seattle, and about my feelings about Barb moving to Florida...). Not to resort to hyperbole, but it might've been the best concert I've ever seen.

 Vincent Gallo has a new album out on Warp records.

 Grand Royal is throwing a going out of business sale.

 I guess this would qualify as my first link to porn: Bjork naked.

 Blogdex redesigned.

 A survey that I put on our websites is getting scary results.

 Techies.com (a Twin Cities darling dot-com company) laid of 40 percent of its work force again. How many more 40 percents can you cut? You start to lose appendages after a while. Here's one account.

 The Online Journalism Awards finalists were announced. Nope, not nominated.

 Huh, Suckster Tim Cavanaugh is writing for the Online Journalism Review.

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