feb 13

pazz and jopp

 I'm bummed because there's an XSLT training course going on at work this week and I don't have any time to attend.

 I'm working on a journal website for my college mentor. A first draft of Edebiyât. Here's an interesting Muslim weblog that's making me reconsider everything: Zhikr.org.

 Super, super awesome Bjork video that you simply must watch (and I guarantee you won't see it on MTV).

 The annual Village Voice Pazz & Jop Poll is out. Everyone's favorite Chuck was asked to vote this year. Shockingly, he was the only person to pick "The Blues" by Guns N' Roses. Yes, yes, Chuck, I'm sure it was great.

 Page of William Gibson stuff, including audio of him reading.

 British Telecom claims to invent the link. Here's the supposed patent and some video.

 C'mon, I'd love to have sex with a diesel robot. No, no, not that diesel robot.

 Interesting profile of Okwui Enwezor who will curate Documenta 11.

 Futurama, cancelled.

 Interview with Carl Hiassen.

 How to drink sake, I think.

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