jan 5


I'll be in San Francisco this weekend. If a Bay City Roller out there wants to buy me a drink, drop me a note.


The Atlasphere, a dating service for Ayn Rand freaks. I bet there are many more doms than subs.

Some guy dialed 867-5309 with every area code in America, and posted the results.

Big merger in blog land: Six Apart is buying Live Journal. Two things that interest me about this: 1) It almost seems like it could have been the other way around. 2) The user base for each product represents the complete opposites of the blogging spectrum. (Danah rhasodizing on why this is bad.)

A blog for Vloggercon has launched. (WSJ story on video blogs.)

It could be a mirage, but it looks like TMFML might be back.


The annual Edge Question this year: "What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?"


I reopened the Year of Lists page again just to add Top 20 Nudes Scenes (NSFW, duh).


Buy the dress that Buffy wore on her first day of school on eBay.

A Daily Show writer makes a joke in New York mag about the show's plans for 2005: "Then we invade the blogosphere, since that's where the money is."


Top 100 Artists.


In a move that everyone in the Cities who knows a shred about radio saw coming, Mary Lucia has joined the new MPR station, 89.3.

Chris Danforth has joined my #1 for Picked To Click this year, The Deaths.

Slanderous Minneapolis is telling its readers to answer the Strib's call for MLK events by emailing fake events.

Dara's Top Dozen Dishes of the Year is out. Delish.

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